Client: Funktion
Project: Brand Refresh
Services: Branding, Web Design, Photography 

Funktion approached us to refresh their brand and support them with their marketing and social media when they were in the planning stages of building their new gym in the centre of St Helier.

Branca: “The client wanted their brand to be refreshed but maintain some of their colours whilst introducing a funky 70s look and feel. Following this brief I tweaked their colours to be more vivid and this portrayed Funktion’s fun character and energy. It was then a natural creative concept to bring in the Neon funky theme. I also worked on their mission, vision and values whilst Hannah got to work on their main messaging, tone of voice and copywriting.”

What stood out, that needed to be communicated about Funktion, is that they are genuinely different to other gyms. They are a place where everyone is welcome, cheered on and championed. The training team is very friendly and approachable, and you won’t find any egos or judgement. They also offer a unique model for clients as there are no convoluted and expensive membership fees, but instead it is a ‘pay as you play’ gym and studio offering a wide range of classes and personal training sessions.

Hannah: “All the visuals and content that we created needed to communicate this ethos, so we invited a range of clients of all ages and sizes to feature in their photography and videos. We asked clients to fill out a survey and we used their words and experiences for testimonials. It was also important to profile the team in a really personal and authentic way, so I took time to talk to each of them so I could build their personal bios and I also asked them to send me their own selfies and candid snaps for use on social media.”

The client was really happy with the results, and we continue to work with them and we workout with them too!

Hannah: “Branca and I are big fans of Funktion. You will find us shaking some moves most Thursday lunchtimes in Steph’s dance class. Whether you want to lift, run, ride, smash out some dance moves or just feel happier, stronger and healthier. Funktion is worth checking out if you are looking for a fitness community.”

“When opening our new facility we knew we needed to get our marketing strategy right. Hannah and Branca, knew from the start what we were trying to achieve and gave us the tools and confidence to achieve this. They have been innovative, creative and professional all the way through our journey. They are amazing at what they do. Nobody else can compete with these legends.”

Nick Dingle