Client: Jersey Dairy
Project: Milk Carton Design Refresh
Services: Packaging Design

Hannah: “Branca is not only a typography geek, but a packaging one too! Safe to say she was beyond excited when she was asked to develop creative design concepts for the new Jersey Dairy milk cartons. What an opportunity!”

It was time for these supermarket shelves to have a fresh, modern look as the cartons hadn’t changed for years. Revamping them had to be done sympathetically, but the packaging also needed to stand out and promote the natural benefits of Jersey milk among the growing number of alternatives on shelf.

The Dairy had chosen a new brown carton that was kinder to the environment and there were four key considerations: the cow, the colours, the nutritional values and the eco credentials.

Branca: “It was such an honour to work on this unique packaging project. I really enjoyed the challenge and I worked up several concepts, but the one that featured the cows in silhouette stood out as the favourite. Stacked next to each other on a shelf, they form a continuous line symbolising them in a field, which added an element of fun. The day that I saw them on the shelves for the first time I couldn’t help myself and had to stack them all neatly.

I decided to enhance the familiar colours so they would stand out better on the brown packaging and two new colours were chosen to complement the range;range: black for organic and purple for lactose free. I chose strong typography so the different types of milk could be easily distinguished for the consumer.”

Jersey Dairy is the first dairy in the world to hold the ‘“LEAF Marque’” on its fresh milk packaging, due to the environmental credentials of the milk production process in the island. The new carton is Carbon Trust certified. Manufactured by Tetra Pak, the new ‘“Rex Bio’” cartons have reduced the carbon footprint of each package by 22% using plastics made from sugarcane. This new carton was the first of its type in the UK and the Channel Islands and while they are not recyclable due to the limitations of recycling resources in Jersey for Tetra Pak products, the new cartons are a step in the right direction.

“Jersey Dairy were very pleased with our account management process directed by Hannah, and Branca’s first-class creative work, on a number of important projects. Moving to a new eco-friendly milk carton was a significant project for us. We were thrilled with the resultant designs and messaging and, importantly, they were well received by our customers. Hannah and Branca also played key roles in the development of our Bring Back Breakfast sales promotion campaign. This cleverly integrated campaign targeted all our key audiences with excellent use of media channels and point of sale. As a result of the campaign, we were able to address the trend toward milk alternatives, with a strong recovery in sales.”

Bob Jones
Head of Marketing