Client: Jersey Homelessness
Project: Awareness Campaign
Services: Branding, Design, Campaign Strategy

Homelessness is a much bigger problem in Jersey than many people realise. The Jersey Homelessness Strategic Board was formed to address and tackle the issue. Following a number of months of research and discussion between interested parties from the public, private and third sector Branca was asked to design the layout for the strategy document that would communicate the priorities and recommendations. This project required a bold creative approach that would stand out.

Branca: “This was a passion project for me. This document could not be just another white paper. It needed to make a real difference, breaking stereotypes and myths around homelessness, whilst being memorable for the reader. I chose a unique paper stock that had never been used before, which had the feel of cardboard, and it was printed in black and white to achieve maximum impact.”

‘Neenah Environment’ is manufactured by the Neenah paper mill, one of the oldest in America with sustainability at its core. This paper uses a minimum of 30% post-consumer fibres and sustainable raw materials, making it FSC, Green-e and Green Seal certified.

Each strategic statement included a different silhouette visual demonstrating the diverse range of faces and people affected by homelessness. Branca used bold typography to highlight the main messages. As part of the PR launch employees from a local business who had supported the project highlighted the issues of homelessness by wearing messages written on cardboard sandwich boards to generate conversation and raise awareness.

The campaign on a small budget received significant engagement and media coverage. The strategy document was distributed to politicians, charities and public locations around the island and helped to prompt a ministerial response.

“It was a pleasure working with Branca in 2019 and 2020 when she helped the Jersey Homelessness Strategic Board. Branca was instrumental in giving Homelessness Jersey a visual identity in terms of not only the logo, but also the publication of the Board’s strategy documentation and presentation material. Her creative flair and insight to use a unique paper stock for the publication of the strategy helped to produce a memorable document in more ways than one.”

Simon Burgess
Chairman of the Jersey Homelessness Strategic Board