Client: Le Masurier
Project: Les Sablons Brand & Public Consultation
Services: Brand, Design, Copywriting, Scripting, PR, Video, 3D Animation, Photography, Social Media Management, Event Management, TV Commercial 

Branca: “Building a brand for a new property development is a unique and special experience. It is a privilege to be involved from the concept stage of the process, right through to creating and delivering the final marketing materials.”

Hannah:” It is also critical, during the lead-up to the planning application, that the plans are brought to life and communicated effectively through a well thought through PR campaign and well organised public consultation event to achieve positive community
and stakeholder engagement.”

Branca: “Hannah and I met with Brian, the Managing Director, and two of the Clarke family, who own Le Masurier, to discuss ideas for the name of the proposed development. I had already researched the area and its history and then listening to their local knowledge and the Jersey French language, made for an interesting discussion and plenty of ideas. In just over an hour, it was decided. The wind-blown sand, translated in French to Les Sablons, would be the perfect name.

There is an old, listed harbour wall which will become a feature of this development. Hundreds of years ago, before the reclamation of the seafront, this historic wall protected the town from the sand that would be blown from the beach. It also marked the boundary of the original harbour and was the gateway to the Island for traders and merchants.”

Hannah: “Branca designed the beautiful brand, bringing Le Sablons to life and then we were tasked with organising all of the elements for the public consultation exhibition. I worked closely with Brian to develop the key messaging that would feed through all communications including interviews, presentations and the public exhibition boards. I looked after the associated PR, media liaison and produced the TV advertising.”

To capture the ‘before and after’ visual of the site a drone was commissioned to take still images and moving footage from a bird’s eye view. We worked closely with our creative partner Ruben Abreu, who is a talented 3D animator and filmmaker, to produce an ‘explainer video’ and TV commercial about the proposed scheme. The drone shots were used in the TV adverts, video, press presentation and on the exhibition boards to give the community a clear picture of the development from all angles.

Boom looked after every element of organising the public consultation event, from booking the venue, to the media briefing, and meeting and greeting all attendees, ensuring that everything ran smoothly over the 3 days. We put together a media pack with a press release, all key information and a bank of visual assets for the journalists to use for their reports and articles. The story hit the headlines and it was told accurately and in a positive light by all the media organisations.

Branca:” Ruben and Hannah made short videos for social media that included capturing Brian walking and talking through the proposed scheme on camera as well as interviewing attendees of the public consultation to get their feedback”.

The media briefing and the exhibition was captured by Matt Sharpe and these images were then used on social media and the planning application submission document that we were asked to produce.

The public consultation was a success and the plans for Les Sablons received positive feedback at the event and through social media. We now wait for the result
of the planning determination that is expected this Autumn.

“Hannah and Branca delivered exceptional results for our Les Sablons brand development, launch and public consultation. I knew that I could trust them to take care of every aspect of what was required for such an important aspect of the pre-planning stages of such a major development project. They worked closely with the entire project team to bring together all the elements, leading up to, during and after the 3-day event and for the comprehensive documentation for the planning submission.”

Brian McCarthy, Managing Director
Le Masurier