Client: Le Masurier
Project: Merchants Square Property Development
Services: Branding, Design, 3D Animation, PR, Photography, Video 

Hannah: “I’ve had the absolute privilege of working with Brian and the team at Le Masurier for the past ten years, mainly for their PR requirements. Their vision for a 70-million-pound redevelopment of Bath Street finally got the green light in 2019, transforming a rundown area of town in desperate need of regeneration and investment. I’ll never forget the day when we got the deciding vote at Planning… Merchants Square and a new Premier Inn hotel would become a reality.”

Following the execution of a strategic and targeted PR and marketing campaign the first release of Merchants Sale apartments went on sale. 80% were sold off plan within just five days. Buyers queued from 4:30am to make sure they got first dibs on a piece of this lifestyle.

Branca: “This was such a special brand project to work on. It was clear that the history of the area needed to be front and centre of the identity. Fine wine has been part of the story at Le Masurier for nearly 200 years. A unique name, design and colour scheme for each of the five areas of the development were chosen, celebrating Le Masurier’s history and love of red, white and port wines. I developed the creative direction, and then we really enjoyed creating the vision for the interior design for the CGI images as well as the video and brochures for the apartments.”

Stunning images were captured to portray the lifestyle that an owner of a Merchants Square apartment would experience at nearby locations, and these were used throughout sales material and on the website to create a strong sense of community and contemporary living.

For the launch weekend, we helped to transform a meeting room at Maillards Estates into a vision of the apartments to capture the imagination of prospective buyers. Floor-to-ceiling vinyls were designed and applied to the walls using 3D images of the apartments to create the impression of actually being inside one of them.

Hannah “We’ve recently completed the interior designs for the lobby areas of the buildings, and we’ve seen such positive sentiment as we released news stories throughout the project. Highlights included a community charity project with a local artist, students who designed an art project for the hoardings and a competition for children to name the brand-new street which was such a great success. Eight-year-old Charlotte Woodman submitted the winning name ‘Moneypenny Lane’, which was selected from 177 submissions. She won an iPad, £250 worth of book vouchers and a further £500 in book vouchers for her school.”

“I have worked with the creative powerhouse that is Hannah and Branca for many years and have always been totally impressed with the quality of their award winning work including branding, design, marketing and media relations. Boom is Le Masurier’s  go to service provider to promote the Groups Jersey based activities and developments.”

Brian McCarthy
Managing Director, C Le Masurier